Announcing the Shad-o-Box™ 1280 HS

Shad-o-Box™ 1280 HS

The Shad-o-Box 1280 HS is a revolutionary addition to Rad-icon's Shad-o-Box HS product line of real-time, CMOS-based x-ray cameras. Designed from the ground-up for industrial CT applications, the Shad-o-Box 1280 HS delivers full-resolution 30 fps operation, exceptionally low noise, unmatched sensitivity, a real-time GigE interface, and a nearly complete elimination of image artifacts. The Shad-o-Box 1280 HS can also be operated in 2x2 binning mode at up to 60 fps for even faster image capture requirements.

Existing CMOS imaging solutions in the market evolved from low frame rate panels, whereas the Shad-o-Box 1280 HS provides dynamic, 30 fps imaging out of the box at a competitive price. The low-noise, distortion-free imaging at full video rates is far superior to similar-sized image intensifier (II) and amorphous silicon (a-Si) based solutions. With an active area of 12.8 x 12.8 cm (5 x 5”) and 100 µm pixel size, this camera offers an attractive image size and resolution for industrial CT applications, including the inspection of circuit boards, machine components, and manufactured parts as well as dimensional verification and failure analysis.

Key features:

  • 14-bit digital image quality
  • 1.6 megapixel resolution at 30 fps
  • Sensitivity exceeding 10 LSB/µR
  • Real-time GigE interface
  • Low power CMOS design consumes less than 10 W


Shad-o-Box™ 1280 HS Data Sheet